Dario Braga

Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry G. Ciamician the University of Bologna


Dario Braga is author or co-author of about 500 publications and of several patents on crystal forms. Dario Braga is an expert in solid state techniques and methods.

The current scientific interests of his group span from the investigation of crystal polymorphism of APIs and of organic and organometallic molecules, the screening of crystal forms (polymorphs, hydrates, salts, co-crystals etc.) and the preparation, mainly by mechanochemical methods, of ionic co-crystals with the focus on chiral resolution via metal atom coordination. In 2005, together with his group, he founded the academic spinoff company PolyCrystalLine.

He is recipient of the Raffaello Nasini medal awarded by the Italian Society of Chemistry, the Federchimica prize, and the Gold Medal of the Italian Crystallographic Association. Dario Braga is currently Member of the Science Institute of the Academy of Science and President of the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Bologna.